INTERPIPE appointed new Technical Sales Support Manager

Boris Lomakin has been appointed as INTERPIPE Technical Sales Support Manager. The new Company’s top manager has already started to perform his duties.


Department of Commerce has announced its final determinations on antidumping investigation of import of OCTG from Ukraine

On July 11, 2014, the Department of Commerce of the USA has announced the final determinations in the antidumping duty investigations of import of certain OCTG from 9 countries including Ukraine.


INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE theater presented the premiere of “Cinderella “before” and “after…”

INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE theater troupe “Theater on the pipe” has made its first performance on the large stage.


Interpipe continues supplying OCTG to the USA

Following the USA Department of Commerce announcement yesterday of the preliminary determination in the antidumping duty investigation, an antidumping duty deposit requirement will be imposed on imports of OCTG from Ukraine.


New ring furnace commissioned at INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE

A new ring heating furnace has been commissioned at INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE. The equipment, manufactured by German Loi Thermprocess Company, serves to heat steel billets before rolling.