1931 – Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR National economy made a decision to build a pipe plant in the city of Nikopol.

1932 – The draft design of the future Nikopol Yuzhnotrubnyi Plant was approved.

1935 – On July 1 the Yuzhnotrubnyi Plant is officially entered into the list of country’s fully operating enterprises.

1941 – In August, due to commencement of military operations against German fascist aggressors, the Plant was dismantled and evacuated to the Ural area (the city of Pervouralsk).

1945-1947 – Postwar revival of the Plant.

1947 – First pipes were produced at the “400” mill.

1950-1951 – Two “140” mills and a tube-casting shop were commissioned.

1955 – Release of first products by the electric-welded pipe shop.

1956 – Launch of the shop for finishing of geological exploration pipes.

1958 – Launch of the first USSR shop for production of pressed steel pipes.

1959 – Commencement of operations at the new pipe-drawing shop No 2.

1961 – Commissioning of the pipe shop No 4.

1967 – Launch of the complex for manufacture of tube-rolling tools, including a press shop, a casting house, and tool and heat-treatment shops.

1970 – Commissioning of the pipe-drawing shop No 7 with a “30-102” continuous rolling unit.

1976 – Commissioning of the pipe-drawing shop No 4.

1984 – Commissioning of the pipe-drawing shop No 5.

1999 – Launch of the Yuzhnotrubnyi Plant strategic restructuring program.

2000 – Establishment of the CJSC “NIKO TUBE” at the facilities of the tube-rolling shop No 7 and shop No 6 for finishing of geological exploration pipes.

2001 – Commencement of the extensive CJSC “NIKO TUBE” modernization.

2002 – A decision is made to establish CJSC “Nikopol Pipe Company” at the facilities of the tube-rolling shop No 2.

2004 – Mastering of production of Р110 steel grade 114.3 mm diameter and 7.37 mm wall thickness casing with long thread and couplings.

2005 – Launch of the threaded pipe and plain pipe finishing floor.

2007 – NIKO TUBE and NPC got new names – CJSC “INTERPIPE NIKOPOL SEAMLESS PIPE PLANT NIKO TUBE” and CJSC “INTERPIPE NIKOPOL PIPE COMPANY”. A new company, called “INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE”, was established by the merger of these two plants. ROTA 180S ultrasonic pipe body testing unit was also commissioned this year. Launch of the boiler pipe finishing floor (up to 24 m long). 

2009 – Launch of a new state-of-the-art production line for pipe finishing at the tube-rolling shop No 7.

2011 – Commencement of large-scale investment projects for reconstruction and upgrade of equipment at mill’s shops.