About the Center

IQ 267! - INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE Training Center.

The name for this training center has not been chosen just by a mere chance. IQ means intelligence quotient, and 2, 6, 7 are major shops at INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE.

We interpret IQ as a word combination “imagination & qualification” for our principal shops (tube-rolling shops No 2, 6, and 7).

IQ 267! is an up-to-date platform for training, professional advancement, and development of our personnel.

IQ 267!  Training Center mission is to change employees’ thinking and mentality, opening opportunities for professional and personality growth on the basis of training programs, corporate values, and introduction of innovative technologies.

IQ 267! Training Center objectives:  
  • Development of key professional competencies of the personnel;
  • Acquaintance with standards of activities, corporate culture, rules, and ideology of the Company, as well as formation of employees’ loyalty;
  • Involvement of employees into rationalization and innovation activities;
  • Continuous sharing of knowledge and experience both inside and outside the Company.
If you see any opportunities to correct existing imperfections or limitations in the production process, circulation of documents, or any other fields important for the mill, the IQ 267 group for creative potential development will help you to put up your ideas and rationalization proposals and will also assist in implementation of the best ideas suggested.

IQ 267! Training Center has an IQ LIBRARY! with a library stock of more than 30 000 books, as well as five production and technical shops.

Contact information:
City of Nikopol 
IQ 267 Training Center
Phone: (0566) 639-130.