Training programs

IQ 267! training programs:
  • IQ WELCOME! – a training program for new employees at INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE. Its major objective consists in adaptation of new employees and establishment of compliance with the corporate culture.
  • IQ DO IT! – a program for mill’s personnel training on working professions, mastering of an allied profession, professional advancement and retraining. Its major goals are to adapt workers’ training for enterprise’s needs and to optimize theoretical and practical training of the field personnel.
  • IQ TALENT! – a program for training of a group of INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE employees, holding key managing positions and having high potential for development. Its objective is to ensure extensive and comprehensive training for managers for solution of business tasks of the mill.
  • IQ MANAGER! – a development program, aimed at revelation of managers’ potential and implementation of their rise to a new level of management thinking. Its objective is to reveal the potential of managers and to give a new powerful impetus to the professional and personality development.
  • IQ TEAM! – a program of development through interaction of an IQ TALENT!  program participant and a young employee, in the process of which the first renders assistance and encourages the latter in his/her professional and personal growth development. Its objective is to communicate, to a young employee, a number of behavior models and patterns, characteristic for the top managers.
  • IQ LEADER! BASIC LEVEL – a program for development of a pool of potential foremen. Its objective is to prepare promising workers to substitute foremen positions in future.
  • IQ LEADER! ADVANCED LEVEL – a program for foremen development. Its objective is, with the help of the best foremen, to introduce and carry out cultural and organizational changes at shops and production floors.
  • IQ KNOWLEDGE! – a program for development of in-house tutors and trainers. Its objective is, with the help of highly-skilled and experienced employees, to communicate knowledge inside the enterprise.
  • IQ KNOW-HOW! – a program for development of highly-skilled employees of the mill. Its objective is to ensure acquisition of educational skills and practices by the production training instructors.
  • IQ IT! – a development program aimed at acquisition and involvement of a skill to use IT-technologies in the process of performance of employees’ production tasks.
  • IQ MASTER-CLASS! – the transfer of unique experience and practices to the audience through the demonstration of successful behavior patterns, strategies, and tools for solution of business tasks.
  • IQ CLUB! – a development program aimed at consolidation of employees at IQ 267! facilities, providing them with opportunities to rest, to diversify their leisure, and to expand their mental outlook.