INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE is one of the largest seamless steel pipe producers in Ukraine. 
For the last several years the enterprise has been implementing a large-scale modernization program. Over this period of time the mill has turned into one of the most up-to-date enterprises of Ukraine.
INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE strives for breaking the conventional concept on a metallurgical mill as a dusty, out-of-date, and dirty production facility.
The mill is open for visitors. In the course of regular tours all guests have a chance to learn quite a lot about the production culture and to have a good look around all production shops, personal service premises of the mill, and IQ 267 Training Center.
To get additional information or to sign up for a tour, please call: (067) 692-82-59.
We are waiting for your calls on week-days from 9:00 till 17:00.