Sports and fitness complex

The sports and fitness complex
is located at the coast of the Kakhovka Reservoir. The Sports and fitness complex territory includes a number of places for rest and recreation, both covered and under the open sky. People can also get barbeque braziers and other stuff they require for their leisure time and recreation.
The following facilities are at sports and fitness complex visitors’ service:
  • Rooms for rest and recreation, equipped with air conditioners, satellite TV, bathroom units, and shower cabins;
  • Gym with training equipment, tatami, a punching bag, Swedish wall bars, table tennis, and music devices;
  • Sauna (bathhouse) with a large recreation area for up to 20 persons, a pool, and a steam room for 8 persons;
  • Billiard table;
  • Catamaran and boat rent;
  • Car parking lot; and
  • Parking area for sailing vehicles.
INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE sports and fitness complex:
1A Beregovoy Lane, city of Nikopol,
Phone: (05662) 5-00-36, (096) 556-72-52.