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INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE theater presented the premiere of “Cinderella “before” and “after…”

INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE theater troupe “Theater on the pipe” has made its first performance on the large stage. The debut performance of the theater has presented the satirical comedy, based on the play by Leonid Filatov “Cinderella “before” and “after…”.

Being light and merry, but still actual and burning, this play has allowed a number of mill’s employees from various departments and of various professions to reveal their talents. Under the tactful guidance of the Honored worker of culture of Ukraine, director of “Masks” Theater and the Palace of Students at the Dnipropetrovsk National University (city of Dnipropetrovsk) Igor Trakht, mill’s employees have been re-embodied into contemporary characters of the old fairy-tale, known by everyone for a long time.

“This performance has become a solution for several principal tasks for us. First of all, this is a change in the managers’ thinking, a shift from figures and plans to emotions and imagination, – Vladimir Gornstein, INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE General Manager, has commented. – In addition to that, joint rehearsals and agitation have really rallied all the guys. Now we don’t have just colleagues at our work – there is a theatrical troupe of actors and a real team. And in this way, through the theatrical performance, we have managed to change the thinking of our employees!”

“INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE employees have become actors and managed to re-embody their minds into the play’s roles: gifted people are talented in everything. Each of them has brought something of his/her own to their roles and that is why all characters have appeared to be bright and memorable. We have worked hard during the rehearsals, and all actors have become dearest and nearest to me over this period of time”, - Igor Trakht, performance director, has emphasized.

The première was presented in the “closed” format – only for mill’s employees so far. However, the fact that this performance had a full house and the hall of the Culture and Sports Complex at the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant, unfortunately, couldn’t host all people willing to see the play, indicates that this piece of theatrical art was undoubtedly successful, and there is a strong need for additional performances for mill’s employees and Nikopol citizens.


INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE specialty is the production of seamless pipes for the oil and gas industry, general application pipes for mechanical engineering and power industry, and general application pipes, used in other industries.
Over the last several years INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE has carried out a large-scale program of transformations, including modernization of its production facilities, enhancement of the production culture standards, and staff development and training procedures and policies. The enterprise has implemented a number of large-scale investment projects with the total amount of investment reaching USD 60 million. In the framework of this program the Company has built the state-of-the-art training center, called IQ 267; reconstructed its cafeterias and administrative and personal service buildings; launched a new catering system; and provided all mill’s employees with the new working clothes.


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